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Software Integration
HighRES Compatible Digitizers & CMMs:

FARO PCMM's, FARO Laser Tracker, FARO LS Scanner, FARO LLP Scanner, ROMER USA PCMM's, ROMER Sigma, ROMER Omega, Metris MCA, 3D Creator, 3D Microscribe 3D.

Providing Seamless Software Integration in:

1.     SolidWorks

2.      SpaceClaim

3.      Pro/E  CREO

4.      Inventor

5.      SolidEdge

6.      Rhino

7.      KeyCreator

8.      AutoCAD

9.      MasterCam

Tool Bar

Sketch Entities - Sketch lines, circles, splines, planes and other entities with you

AutoSketch – Quickly sketch open or closed profile perimeters.

Probe Compensation – Automatically apply offset values to compensate probe tips.

Settings dialog - Work faster with fewer mouse clicks.

Best-Fit Algorithms – Apply the optimal faces/entities to represent rougher surfaces.

Measurement Modes – Acquire single points or use continuous scan modes.

Real-time DRO - Inspect and compare the part to the model alignment.


  • is a more sophisticated CAD integrated software than most others in the marketplace with a new simplified user interface.
  • The growth of the product line is a direct result of end-user input, and many features have been added at the request of customers that already use's software to improve their digitizing process.
  • is 100% dedicated to CAD integrated 3D reverse engineering software solutions and has been developing these solutions since 1985. We are software solution providers first and utmost.
  • We offer customized training directly related to getting your job done. Train on your part and reap an immediate return on your investment.
  • The fully integrated software gives you access to's features in the most efficient manner within SolidWorks. Several options are available per user defined preferences via a plug-n-play toolbar or directly via the SolidWorks Command Manager. Significantly improving workflow by allowing you to model-as-you-go.
  •'s newest interface, HIPP™, (HighRES Integrated Pointcloud Processor), allows the end user to create, store and re-call alignments and points on-demand.
  • In addition, super time saving functions are built into the software such as hot swapping probes without shutting down your CAD software.
    Create custom planes "on the fly," adjusting probe tolerance to maximize accuracy. Polar lock planes enable you to accurately scan any axis - find points from a user-defined distance from the plane. This enables you to slice data in any direction.
  • Easily digitize large parts and assemblies; HIPP's Magnetic Plane seeks the center of gravity of a data set and provides automatic centering of data planes.
  • HIPP's point cloud thinning capability provides more precise data for CAD systems because it "thinks" like the target CAD system and does not conflict with it.
  • Manage your digitizers in real time: With HIPP, data is continuously collected by "drawing" on a part's surface.

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