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3D SCANNING Services SAN DIEGO and Los Angeles


3D SCANNING SERVICES SAN DIEGO Call at (858) 488-5231 3D has the experienced staff to perform any 3D Scanning task. We have several variety Blue Light, White Light and Laser 3D scanners ranging in accuracy from 0.01mm to 0.1mm (0.0003″ to 0.004″). Parts for 3D Scanning can either be shipped to our facility or we can come to you if needed.

You need quick turnaround and we deliver! We have a very fast turnaround time depending on the complexity of a project. Usually, we guarantee 24 to 72 hours.

3D Scanning Software Products
Our software enables engineers, designers, filmmakers, animators and artists to digitize and reverse engineer physical molds, models, parts or workpieces more quickly. Because we provide the ability to model as you go, you can more easily create or re-create industrial-strength 3D wireframe models in the most popular CAD/graphics file formats. Our customized plug-ins - specific to your hardware and software packages and your inspection, quality control, measurement and analytical applications - automate common tasks and significantly improve hardware performance. With you will no longer need multiple software solutions. You'll digitize, reverse engineer, measure and inspect direct CAD without ever leaving your native CAD environment.

Software Maintenance PLANS
We stay current with all native CAD/CAM platforms, and our customer software maintenance plans assure you will as well. Flexibility is key. If you start out with the lower-level software and then decide to upgrade to the next level, you can apply your full previous purchase price toward your upgrade.

3D Scanning Training
We offer an accelerated three-day class or a comprehensive five-day class. Either way your shop floor will realize an immediate increase in productivity because HighRES classes guide users in practical techniques for "working smarter." We have proven, through many successful deployments, that the integration of CAD/CAM technology with "off-the-shelf" desktop software applications can without question manage products or components from concept right through to production and beyond – and our training makes it happen faster.

Call at (858) 488-5231 for more information.